Only The Finest Tea Tree Oil.

Providing natural remedies for healthy living.


Botanik is all about purifying, cleansing and using natural alternative remedies for healthy living. Our Tea Tree oil is distilled from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree or Tea Tree which we cultivate on our farm in the northern regions of KwaZulu-Natal.

Botanik Tea Tree Oil is a 100% natural and organic certified essential oil that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as fighting infection, soothing inflammation and boosting healing time.


Botanik’s tea trees are organically cultivated in the richest soil in the northern parts of Zululand. Our team of environmentally conscious farmers strives to always apply the most up to date and sustainable techniques to make sure that our trees, as well as our soil, is healthy so that we can produce the highest quality oil.

Botanik Oils are distilled on the same farm where our trees are cultivated to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure a premium quality product.

We are also very proud that our farming and distilling is done 100% organically because we know that if we take care of the environment, the environment will take care of us.


Botanik Tea Tree Oil is available in 30ml black glass bottles, 250ml and 750ml amber glass bottles to minimise degradation that occurs when the oil is exposed to direct light. Botanik Tea Tree Oil is 100% pure and 100% organic. The Tea Tree oil has not been diluted and is free from chemical toxins, fillers or solvents.

We do not test our product on animals and are 100% cruelty-free.


What is Tea Tree essential oil used for?
Tea Tree oil has many uses. Its antibacterial properties are used for disinfecting any household surfaces. It is also used in Aromatherapy. And topically for insect bites, stings, boils, blisters, abrasions, small burns, lice and athlete’s foot. It is also known to help with Acne and clogged pores.
What is Tea Tree?
It is an essential oil that is extracted from the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia.
How is it extracted?
By a process called steam distilling.
What makes organic tea tree different from conventional tea tree oil?
The process used in farming does use any pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers that manipulate plant growth. The distillery also has a lot of organic protocols put in place by EcoCert South Africa to ensure the oil that is produced is of high quality and in its purest form. Because essential oils are absorbed by your skin, it’s always best to opt for organic essential oils to ensure no other harmful elements other than pure essential oils enter your body.
Do you sell bulk?
The largest bottle that we stock is our 750ml Botanik Organic Tea Tree oil. Get in touch with us should you wish to order larger quantities.
Is Tea Tree poisonous?
Always use topically and avoid contact from eyes.
Why are essential oils always in a dark container?
When essential oils come in contact with light it starts to lose some of the good properties it contains. Always store in a dark or amber container.
What is the shelflife of Tea Tree oil?
Without it being exposed to heat and light, Botanik Oils Tea Tree Oil has a shelf life of 4 years
Why aren’t your products in boxes?
We ensure our products come in glass, wood or paper. We care about the environment. Therefore, we try to keep our packaging recyclable.
Does your Shampoo bar and Soap bar lather well?
Yes. We recommend holding the bar under warm running water for 10 seconds then apply in a circular motion.
Is your lip balm organic?
We make use of organic essential oils as much as possible to ensure that everything in our lip balm is 100% plant-based.
Is your Washcloth handmade?
Yes. It is 100% handmade. The wool is spun by hand, coloured by hand and even the tag is put on by hand!