Botanik’s tea trees are organically cultivated in the richest soil in the northern parts of Zululand. Our team of environmentally conscious farmers strives to always apply the most up to date and sustainable techniques to make sure that our trees, as well as our soil, is healthy so that we can produce the highest quality oil.

Botanik Oils are distilled on the same farm where our trees are cultivated to reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure a premium quality product.

We are also very proud that our farming and distilling is done 100% organically because we know that if we take care of the environment, the environment will take care of us.


Botanik Tea Tree Oil is available in 30ml black glass bottles to minimise degradation that occurs when the oil is exposed to direct light. Botanik Tea Tree Oil is 100% pure and 100% organic. The tea tree oil has not been diluted and it’s free from chemical toxins, fillers or solvents. We do not test our product on animals.